We offer our services to any organisation looking to address a challenge related to audiovisual localization.

  • Language Service Providers (LSPs)
  • Content owners
  • Localization software developers
  • Consortiums working on H2020 projects

Are you an LSP?

Are you experiencing growth or want to add audiovisual capabilities to your portfolio of services? We can help set up the recruiting, testing, profiling and onboarding of the translator resources that you will need in order to be able to offer such services. 

We have vast experience in creating and beta testing translator tests tailored to specific skills; drafting user guides, and providing user training and feedback; designing processes and procedures for translator management and quality monitoring; setting up alliances with the academia for translator recruitment purposes.

Are you a content owner?

Are you convinced by the latest news stories about machine translation and speech recognition improvements and want to implement language technologies to localize your content so as to reach a wider audience and reduce the turnaround times associated with traditional localization workflows?

We have run many such tests already and can advise on the best solutions in the market. Let us organize the testing of a select number of providers on your specific content and present you with concrete results so you can make an educated business decision on how to best move forward.


Are you an audiovisual localization company looking to scale?

We are here to perform a workflow analysis for you and advise on how to streamline your work most efficiently, and get the right processes and documentation in place so you can support the growth your sales teams are gearing up to deliver.