We design and execute complex and atypical strategic projects to solve specific needs within organisations so as to help them streamline processes and scale operations. We offer an initial consultation free of charge, to discuss existing challenges, and we follow up with a detailed project proposal, complete with a timeline, milestones, tasks and deliverables. Get in touch so we can design a project tailored to your specific needs! 

Here are some of our favourite types of projects.


  • Audiovisual localization workflow design, analysis and review
  • Translation cost analysis and design of simple, tiered rate card systems, for use by sales teams
  • Implementation of translation quality standards in subtitling workflows
  • Implementation of language technologies


  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for Translation Management Systems (TMS) and audiovisual localization editorial tools
  • Content and resource profiling for efficient work allocation; translation coordination automation
  • Machine translation and speech recognition system testing, evaluation and implementation
  • Technology vendor benchmarking


  • Design of translation tests for best resource onboarding and profiling
  • Subtitling guideline drafting for training purposes
  • Research, testing, vetting and onboarding in-territory localization vendors
  • Audiovisual localization talent sourcing


  • Consultancy on audiovisual translation norms, standards and trends worldwide
  • RFP/RFI drafting, negotiation and administration
  • User guide/report/deliverable drafting and review
  • Global client language solutions